LHRX is a Midwest-based clothing company

Our mission is to deliver a product that showcases the little things that make life worth livin'. We’re all about aviation, automobiles, sports, loyalty to friends and family, and a deep appreciation for those who give us a choice and freedom; the United States Military.


LHRX is short for L’Heureux, which means “The Happy One”. We believe you should enjoy life, and look good while you navigate through it's ups and downs. Founded on the idea that selling T-shirts out of the trunks of our cars can directly and indirectly help others, we developed LHRX to make “The Happy One” a Way of Life.

military family

To make sure what we create fits good and stays that way, each piece of clothing we design and deliver has been tested for years... literally. With every purchase, a portion goes to Operation Homefront. By making a purchase you subsequently make a donation that can help veterans and their families cope and manage the challenges that being reintroduced to civilian life presents.

All of our designs are one of a kind, and most are only printed for a limited time, though we have been known to bring back a design or two by popular demand.

Any whoosiers... keep the rubber side down, keep your sticks on the ice, keep ‘er outta the cabbage, fire a caliber above the rest, and most of all. . . stay LHRX!


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